Clesse BP2303 37mb UPSO-OPSO Low Pressure Propane Regulator - 30kg/hr

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The Clesse BP2303 37mb UPSO-OPSO Low Pressure Propane Regulator. Delivering a powerful flow rate of 30kg/hr, this regulator is crafted to provide precise control and robust safety features, making it an essential component for various applications. With the model number 006836RB, it stands out for its user-friendly design and advanced safety mechanisms.

  • Precision Pressure Management: Offers accurate pressure control to ensure your propane-powered appliances and systems operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Equipped with a Pressure Relief Valve (LRV) and an Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) featuring a visual indicator and a rotating cap for easy pressure balancing and reset.
  • User-Friendly UPSO: The Under Pressure Shut Off (UPSO) is designed with a clear cap and a simple pull tab for effortless resetting, enhancing convenience and safety.
  • Upstream OPSO Configuration: Adds an extra layer of protection to the regulator by sensing changes via an external buffer tube, safeguarding your system against overpressure scenarios.
  • Optimal Vent Positioning: Strategically placed vent over the inlet (6 o’clock position) for efficient operation and safety.

Clesse BP2303 37mb UPSO-OPSO Low Pressure Propane Regulator - 30kg/hr Specification

Brand Clesse
Approvals BS EN 13785
Capacity 30 kg/hr
Inlet 3/4" Bsp Female
Outlet 3/4" Bsp Female
Inlet Pressure 0.6 to 2 bar
Operating Pressure 37 mbar
PRV 75 mbar
OPSO Yes (110 mbar)
UPSO Yes (25 mbar)
Pressure Test Point Yes
Vent Postion Fixed
Stage Second Stage Low Pressure
Suitable Applications Domestic & Commercial Propane Low Pressure
Warranty 2 Years
Product Type 2nd Stage Propane Tank Regulators



Clesse BP2303 37mb UPSO-OPSO Low Pressure Propane Regulator - 30kg/hr Features

  • Accurate Pressure Management: Delivers precise propane pressure control for consistent appliance operation and system efficiency.
  • Dual Safety Features: Equipped with both UPSO and OPSO mechanisms, featuring easy-to-read indicators and manual reset options for enhanced system protection.
  • LRV (Pressure Relief Valve): Incorporates a safety valve to relieve excess pressure, safeguarding against potential overpressure damage.
  • Simple UPSO Reset: Designed with a clear cap and pull tab for straightforward and safe resetting, ensuring user-friendly maintenance.
  • Advanced Upstream OPSO: Offers additional regulator protection with an external buffer tube sensing system, further enhancing safety against overpressure.
  • Efficient Vent Design: Features a vent positioned over the inlet at the 6 o'clock position, optimising safety and performance by preventing gas build-up.
  • High Flow Capacity: Supports a substantial flow rate of 30kg/hr, suitable for a wide range of propane gas applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
  • Trusted Clesse Quality: From Clesse, a leading name in gas control technology, comes a regulator designed for durability, reliability, and safety.

Clesse BP2303 37mb UPSO-OPSO Low Pressure Propane Regulator - 30kg/hr Reviews