Cavagna 30mbar Caravan & Motorhome Gas Regulator 8mm - Angled

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The Cavagna 30mbar Caravan & Motorhome Gas Regulator 8mm - Angled, designed to meet the specific energy needs of caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Engineered to conform to the rigorous EN 12864 Annex D standards, this regulator is compatible with propane, butane, and LPG mix, ensuring versatility and reliability for all your travel adventures. Each unit comes complete with a handy fixing plate and a compression outlet fitting, facilitating a seamless installation process. Whether you're hitting the road in your caravan or setting up your motorhome for a serene getaway, the Cavagna regulator guarantees a consistent 30mbar gas pressure, enhancing the efficiency of your appliances while ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Cavagna 30mbar Caravan & Motorhome Gas Regulator 8mm - Angled Specification

Brand Cavagna
Approvals EN 12864
Connection M20 x Compression
Operating Pressure 30mbar
Capacity/Flow Rate 1.5 kg/h
Outlet Connection 8mm Compression
Inlet Connection M20
Stage Two Stage Low Pressure Propane
Suitable Applications LPG, for Caravans, Motorhomes & Leisure vehicles
Compatible Cylinders Propane, Butane & Campingaz
Warranty 5 Years
Product Type Caravan & Moterhome LPG Gas Regulators



Cavagna 30mbar Caravan & Motorhome Gas Regulator 8mm - Angled Features

  • Optimised Gas Flow: The Cavagna 30mbar Caravan Gas Regulator ensures a steady and reliable gas supply at 30mbar pressure, perfect for your caravan's energy needs.
  • Universal Fit: Designed with a 8mm 90° angled connection, offering a universal fit for a wide range of caravan and motorhome models.
  • Safety: Designed to maintain a constant gas pressure, they prevent the risk of gas leaks and explosions, ensuring the safety of occupants.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various types of gas bottles and cylinders, making them versatile for use in different regions and setups.
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation and operation allow for hassle-free switching between gas sources, essential for travelers who are on the move.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of road travel, with resistance to vibration, temperature changes, and corrosion.
  • Efficient Performance: Maximises fuel efficiency, ensuring your caravan appliances run smoothly while reducing waste and saving on gas costs.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its sleek, straight design makes it an unobtrusive addition to your caravan setup, ensuring efficient use of space.
  • High-Quality Construction: Manufactured by Cavagna, a leader in gas control technology, ensuring durability, reliability, and optimal performance.

Cavagna 30mbar Caravan & Motorhome Gas Regulator 8mm - Angled Reviews