Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser Smart Upgrade Set

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The testo 300 FGA 'Smart' upgrade set allows connectivity to the testo Smart probe range. You can perform up to four additional wireless measurements in parallel to your exhaust gas measurement. Using the testo Bluetooth adaptor supplied in the set, switch on the individual Smart Probes, and they will automatically connect to your flue gas analyzer. All parallel measurements are also automatically displayed on your testo 300 and can be started and stopped simultaneously. Via the connection to the Smart App, the measurement, documentation and data transfer of all parallel measurements is carried out in a fast and professional manner.

Delivery Scope

  • testo Bluetooth® Connector (0554 3004)
  • 1 x testo 510i Smart Probe manometer (0560 1510)
  • 2 x testo 115i Smart Probe pipe clamp thermometers (0560 2115 02)

Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser Smart Upgrade Set Specification

Flue gas measurement on heating systems

Ideal for measurements involving heating systems:

  • high-quality sensors, smart-touch operation, clearly structured measurement menus, creation of documentation on site, e-mailing of reports, large HD display, robust housing

Further areas of application:

  • gas flow pressure measurement*, gas pipe test*, differential temperature measurement (flow and return temperature on heating systems)*, ambient CO measurement*, flue draught measurement on heating systems*

* Please note: additional probes or accessories are required for these measurements and have to be ordered separately.


Testo 300 Flue Gas Analyser Smart Upgrade Set Features

  • Bluetooth® connection from the testo 300 flue gas analyzer to testo Smart Probes
  • Including O2 and CO sensor up to 4,000 ppm
  • Connection to testo 115i for measuring the temperature of flow and return pipes in parallel to flue gas measurements
  • Connection to testo 915i for temperature and combustion air temperature measurement in parallel to flue gas measurements

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