Dresser Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit

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The Chatterbox-e unit provides the necessary safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area and non-intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area. Opto-isolators provide four isolated volt-free contacts from low frequency pulses generated by Gas Meters or Volume Correctors installed in the hazardous area. Chatterbox-e operates from a self contained power supply lasting in excess of 10 years and is therefore suitable for installation in remote and difficult environments without the need for an external power supply. During 10 years of operation the Chatterbox-e will save hours of labour on site. The unit comprises of four independent circuits that transform high impedance pulses, or volt-free contact closures, into isolated volt-free contact closures. One input can be connected to up to 4 isolated output circuits by using internal switches.

Dresser Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit Specification


Each input is designed to interface with the current 'sinking' pulse outputs of the ROOTS®Micro Corrector to a maximum of 7.4V. The input will also interface directly with a volt-free contact closure, i.e., directly to a gas meter. Contact debouncing as standard.


Each output is a 220ms pulse, current sinking output capable of accepting up to 20V, 130mA.


Weatherproof aluminium enclosure NEMA 4X rated. Size: 6.4” width, 4.8” height x 2.5” depth.


BASEEFA 05 ATEX 0429 II(1) G [EEx ia] IIC. The Chatterbox-e must be installed in the safe area and is suitable for connection to equip-ment in hazardous areas Class 1 Division 1, Groups C and D.


Two 1/2AA Lithium cells giving an estimated life in excess of 10 years based on all four channels operating and an input frequency of <1 Hz from a volume converter.

Dresser Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit Features

  • 10 Year battery life from standard cells, two 1/2 AA lithium.
  • 4 Channels as standard
  • Channel selections via switches
  • Two output connectors, as standard, allows connections to two independent systems
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe
  • IP66 Housing (outer box)
  • Weatherproof cast aluminum housing, rated to NEMA 4X, offers flexibility of installation
  • Compliance to Article 500 of the National Electrical Code® ANSI/NFPA-70 (NEC®)
  • Opto isolation increases reliability and reduces power consumption
  • Simple mechanical and electrical installation
  • Single or multiple outputs from single input
  • No Corrector or Meter setting required; as soon as the Chatterbox-e receives a pulse, a 220ms isolated outlet pulse is generated

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