Cobb BBQ Cobble Stones (Pack of 6)

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What powers the Cobb?
How to light your Cobb BBQ

Cobb Cobble Stones are natural, easy to use and offers all the convenience of gas.

Made from coconut shells, each piece burns for up to 2 hours. Light up is quick and easy. No fire starters are required, just hold a match or lighter to it, and in two minutes you’re ready to cook! Amazing.

Once lit, it takes approximately 3 minutes to stop smoking and is ready for you to start cooking in 5 minutes. With the Dome Cover in place, your Cobb will reach up to 280°C in 30 minutes. They’re hot!

One Cobb Cobble Stone fuel equals twelve BBQ briquettes, so be sure to use a Cobb Roasting Rack for roasts. It's otherwise too hot. Great for BBQs, stir-fry and breakfasts.


Cobb BBQ Cobble Stones (Pack of 6) Specification

  • 130 mm in diameter
  • 35 mm in thickness
  • Weighs approx 385 grams/13.60oz
  • Made out of coconut husks
  • Built-in firelighter consisting of barium and sodium nitrate


  • Carbon Monoxide hazard
  • Never ignite and use indoors
  • Store in a cool, dry space away from other inflammable products
  • Use at a safe distance from flammable products
  • After cooking remove the dome and grill plate to allow the Cobblestone to burn out away from children & animals
  • Be sure the ashes are completely burnt out before discarding in a refuse bin away from children & animals

Cobb BBQ Cobble Stones (Pack of 6) Features

  • Safe and economical
  • Complete ignition of Cobblestone in 2 minutes
  • Ready to cook in 5 minutes
  • Built-in firelighter
  • Made from coconut husk
  • One Cobblestone gives up to 2 hours of cooking time if used in a Cobb.
  • Burns hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal
  • After 2 minutes of ignition is smoke-free

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