Cavagna Marine 30mbar Bulkhead Campingaz Regulator Kit

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Introducing the Cavagna Marine Bulkhead Double Stage Campingaz Gas Regulator with a maximum pressure of 30 bar - the perfect solution for powering your marine appliances. Specifically designed to be mounted on propane LPG gas cylinders, this regulator is easy to use and transport on boating trips.

Crafted from high-quality marine-grade materials, this regulator is built to resist harsh marine environments, ensuring durability and reliability. It fully complies with modern regulations and appliance warranties, providing peace of mind and safe operation.

Featuring a Butane nut screw-on cylinder connection, this regulator is easy to connect to your gas cylinder. With an outlet rating of 30mb and 1.5kg/hr, it ensures efficient gas flow to your appliances.

The double stage marine LPG propane or butane regulator is designed to maintain a consistent gas pressure regardless of the level of propane in the tank. It uses two stages to reduce the pressure: the first stage reduces the tank pressure to an intermediate pressure, and the second stage further reduces the pressure to the desired level. This results in a more stable and consistent gas pressure, which is particularly important in marine environments where safety is a primary concern.

For added safety, this regulator includes reinforced diaphragms and an over-pressure relief at 75mbar. It complies with BS EN 16129 Annex M (2013), meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Supplied with a high pressure pigtail to (and marked) ) EN 16436-1 Class 3. 6.3mm i.d., 16.3mm o.d., 30 bar working pressure, 90 bar burst pressure. A self adhesive advisory label is attached to every hose. Fitted with full non-return/excess flow valve fitting.

Suitable for use with Campingaz gas cylinders.


Cavagna Marine 30mbar Bulkhead Campingaz Regulator Kit Specification

Type Cavagna
Capacity 1.5kg/hour
Pressure 30 mbar
Inlet Campingaz
Outlet 3/8" Bsp Female

Cavagna Marine 30mbar Bulkhead Campingaz Regulator Kit Features

This is a Marine Grade gas regulator and has been designed and built to resist the harsh environments found at sea. It fully complies with modern stringent regulations and appliance warranties, offering peace of mind and the knowledge that your vessels insurance policy is valid for gas related incidents.

  • Constructed from marine grade materials
  • Fitted with reinforced diaphragms
  • Over-pressure relief at 75mbar
  • Fully conforms to EN 12864 annexM standard

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