Duomo GS300 Industrial Gas Alarm Panel

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The Duomo GS300M is a wall or panel mounted microprocessor based gas detector control. It can be configured to meet customer requirements. The following parameters can be changed using on board dip switches: Number of Sensors: Selectable from 1 -3. Type of Gas to be sensed: Selectable - Explosive or toxic. Main Alarm delay period: Selectable - 3 or 20 seconds. Main Alarm relay action: Selectable - latching or auto reset.

The GS300M has two plug in terminal blocks. One is for the incoming mains supply and alarm circuit wiring and the second is for connecting the sensor wiring. This reduces the chance of incorrect site wiring. The printed circuit board has an overload light which indicates when a short circuit or an overload has occurred on the sensor wiring.


Duomo GS300 Industrial Gas Alarm Panel Features

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Wall or panel mounted
  • 3 Zone Protection
  • 4-20mA Signal Input
  • Measuring Range 0-20%LEL
  • IP44 Protective Rating
  • EN50194 for Explosive Gases
  • EN50291 for Toxic Gases
  • 3 Year Guarantee

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