Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 12.5 kg/hr

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The Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure Regulator, delivering an impressive 12.5 kg/hr flow rate. As a standout leader in second-stage regulation, this regulator is designed with innovative features to streamline installation, maintenance, and ensure long-lasting reliability.

  • Market-Leading Design: The BP2203 sets the standard in second-stage regulation, incorporating all the essential design elements for effortless installation and optimal aftercare.
  • Advanced OPSO Feature: Equipped with an easy-to-read visual indicator and a rotating cap for precise pressure balancing, the OPSO function ensures your system's safety by automatically shutting off the gas supply if overpressure is detected.
  • Innovative Giro Vent: The unique Giro Vent technology on the BP2203 enables multi-position fitting, offering unparalleled protection against water ingress and ensuring perfect drainage of humidity and condensation.
  • Superior Safety and Efficiency: Designed to maintain a steady 75mbar pressure, this regulator enhances the safety and performance of your propane gas system, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • High Flow Capacity: With a flow rate of 12.5 kg/hr, the BP2203 is capable of meeting the demands of both residential and commercial LPG installations, ensuring a reliable gas supply.
  • Trusted Quality: As part of Clesse's acclaimed lineup of gas control solutions, the BP2203 reflects the brand's commitment to quality, safety, and innovation in gas regulation technology.

The Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure 12.5 kg/hr Regulator is mainly used in Domestic and Commercial applications where they provide the second stage regulation @ 75mb at either the bulk tank, wall end of the Installation and inside a Meterbox housing, all incorporating relief valve and OPSO.



Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 12.5 kg/hr Specification

Brand Clesse
Approvals BS EN 16129:2013
Capacity 12.5 kg/hr
Inlet 1/2" Bsp Female
Outlet 3/4" Bsp Female
Inlet Pressure 0.45 to 2 bar
Operating Pressure 75 mbar
PRV 110 mbar
OPSO Yes (140 mbar)
Pressure Test Point Yes
Vent Postion Giro
Stage Second Stage Low Pressure
Suitable Applications Domestic & Commercial Propane Low Pressure
Warranty 5 Years
Product Type 2nd Stage Propane Tank Regulators



Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 12.5 kg/hr Features

  • Leader in Second-Stage Regulation: The Clesse BP2203 is recognised for setting the standard in 2nd stage propane gas regulation, offering superior installation ease and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Safety with OPSO: Features an Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) with a visual indicator and rotating cap for accurate pressure adjustment and safety, automatically shutting off gas supply in overpressure situations.
  • Giro Vent Technology: Incorporates Giro Vent for versatile installation options, providing optimal protection against water entry and ensuring effective humidity condensation drainage.
  • Optimal Flow Rate: Delivers a robust 12.5 kg/hr flow capacity, catering to the extensive needs of both domestic and commercial LPG installations.
  • Maintains Steady Pressure: Engineered to regulate propane gas at a consistent 75mbar pressure, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your gas system.
  • Quality and Reliability: Part of Clesse's renowned gas control product lineup, the BP2203 embodies the brand's dedication to innovation, safety, and durability in gas regulation.
  • Easy Monitoring and Reset: Designed for easy monitoring of operational status and straightforward resetting processes, ensuring reliable and continuous gas supply management.

Clesse BP2203 75mbar OPSO Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 12.5 kg/hr Reviews