Caravan LPG Gas Meter Box Assembly

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Upgrade your caravan site with our stylish and efficient wall or stake-mounted caravan-style meter box assembly. This all-in-one solution includes a G4 meter, specifically designed to simplify secondary LPG metering on caravan sites and metered estates. Our ready-to-install kit offers a seamless setup and maintenance experience.

  • Easy installation: Our complete package includes everything you need for a quick and hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile pressure handling: Supports a pressure range from 0.5 bar to 4 bar, ensuring compatibility with various setups.
  • Compact and stylish design: Perfectly suited for caravan environments, adding functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

This compact caravan style meter box assembly has been introduced to ensure that the secondary metering of LPG caravan sites and metered estates becomes a stylish and simple operation. The "off the shelf" complete kit package allows easy installation and servicing.


Caravan LPG Gas Meter Box Assembly Specification

Maximum inlet pressure 0.5 to 4 bar
Operating pressure 37 mbar
Capacity 6 m³/hour
Inlet connection 1/2" BSPFM
Outlet connection 1/2" BSPFM
Dimensions (HxWxD) 45cm x 40cm x 23cm

Caravan LPG Gas Meter Box Assembly Features

  • Effortless Installation: Quick and straightforward setup with our complete kit—ideal for both new users and seasoned professionals.
  • Versatile Pressure Compatibility: Supports a broad range of inlet pressures from 0.5 bar to 4 bar, accommodating various LPG systems.
  • Stylish and Compact Design: Enhances the appearance of your caravan site while offering a practical solution for space constraints.
  • Comprehensive Metering Solution: Includes a G4 meter tailored for accurate and reliable LPG metering in caravan sites and metered estates.
  • Ready-to-Use Package: Comes as a fully equipped kit, simplifying installation and maintenance tasks for immediate operation.

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