Elektrogas 230V AC Gas Solenoid Valve 1/4" Bsp Fm

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The Elektrogas 230V AC Gas Solenoid Valve, a precision-engineered solution designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of your gas flow management. This 1/4" BSP female x female valve is an ideal choice for both LPG and natural gas applications, offering robust performance with its normally closed mechanism.

  • Voltage Compatibility: Operates on 230V AC, ensuring reliable performance and compatibility with standard power supplies.
  • Safe Operation: Normally closed valve that automatically shuts upon power interruption, and opens when power is supplied, safeguarding against leaks and ensuring operational safety.
  • Easy Integration: Can be electrically connected to an alarm system and/or a knock-off switch, enhancing safety features and providing immediate system status feedback.
  • Flexible Installation: This valve may be mounted in any orientation, as long as the direction of flow aligns with the arrow indicated on the body, offering versatile installation options.
  • BSP F x F Connection: Features a 1/4" BSP female connection on both ends, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the demands of continuous use in both domestic and industrial environments.

Elektrogas 230V AC Gas Solenoid Valve 1/4" Bsp Fm Specification

Brand Elektrogas
Approvals CE, Meets Class A EN161 approval.
Anbient Temperature 15°C to +60°C
Closing Time Less than 1 Second
Connection BSP F x F
Size 1/4"
Dimensions HxWxD 75 x 46 x 30mm
Applicable Gases Natural Gas & LPG
Flow Rate Control No
Inlet Pressure 200 mbar
IP Rating IP 65
Nominal Bore 4mm
Power 240 V AC
Pressure Rating 200 mbar
Reset Type Automatic
Suitable Applications Gas Safety Shut-Off Valve, compatible with electrical connections to both alarm systems and emergency stop switches.
Voltage 230V AC (+10% -15%) 50 to 60 Hz
Weight 0.27 kg
Warranty 1 Year
Product Type Gas Solenoid Valve



Elektrogas 230V AC Gas Solenoid Valve 1/4" Bsp Fm Features

  • High Voltage Efficiency: Operates seamlessly on 230V AC, suitable for standard electrical systems.
  • Automatic Safety Mechanism: Normally closed design ensures the valve shuts automatically during power interruptions, enhancing safety.
  • Direct Connectivity: Easily integrates with alarm systems and emergency knock-off switches for increased safety monitoring.
  • Versatile Installation: Flexible mounting options, allowing installation in any orientation to accommodate various system configurations.
  • Reliable Construction: Features robust 1/4" BSP female connections, built for durability and long-term use.
  • Broad Compatibility: Ideal for both LPG and Natural Gas applications, suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial environments.
  • Operational Security: Ensures a secure environment by automatically managing gas flow with electric current—open when powered, closed when not.
  • Streamlined Design: Compact and efficient, designed to maintain flow direction as indicated, ensuring easy setup and reliable operation.

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