Clesse TR800 Four Pack ACO Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO - Irish F-Valve

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The Clesse TR800  Four Pack Automatic Changeover Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO - UK Irish F-Valve, now with Consumer Safety Reset (CSR) feature enhances safety and convenience, allowing homeowners to easily "reset and go" their gas installations in case the Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) is triggered by situations like accidental impacts during cylinder changes or overwintering. These events, often more inconvenient than hazardous, still offer protection against potential high-pressure incidents without compromising consumer or property safety. The innovative design prevents tampering or adjustments, signaling when a qualified engineer's inspection and resealing are necessary.

This TR800 kit is also Telemetry Ready, designed to integrate with the optional CompacTi remote electronic cylinder monitoring device. When equipped, the CompacTi enhances change-over performance by utilising Clesse Integrated Intelligence, which delays notifications on the CompacTi application until gas is fully utilised from one side, ensuring efficient use.

Whether two, four or more cylinders the TR800 OPSO ensures reliable pressure delivery and consumer safety with the new over pressure protection system. No need to remove caps or pull resets – just a clear “Push to Set” device cancelling the red trip indicator. The latest in the range of Compact regulators for LPG cylinders is developed and manufactured by Clesse in France using the new patented OPSO design.

The kit includes a automatic changeover regulator, and two 20-inch and two 35-inch pigtails crafted from high-pressure hose compliant with BS 3212 Type 2 or BS EN 16436-1 Class 3 standards. These components are meticulously assembled according to BS 3212 specifications. Each pigtail features an Irish F-Valve (Butane Nut) connectors equipped with excess flow and non-return valves for enhanced safety. Additionally, the kit comes with a mounting bracket and a shut-off valve.

For Use in the Republic of Ireland.


Clesse TR800 Four Pack ACO Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO - Irish F-Valve Specification

Brand Clesse
Approvals CE 0085-21 & EN 16129 Approved
Connection Screw-On x Bsp Female
Operating Pressure 37mbar
Capacity/Flow Rate 5 kg/h
Outlet Connection 1/2" Bsp Female
Inlet Connection F-Valve (Butane Nut)
Stage Two Stage Low Pressure Propane
Suitable Applications Gas Cookers,Hobs & Ovens, Gas Fires & Static Caravans
Compatible Cylinders Irish Calor Gas & Flo-Gas 10.89kg, 19kg, 34kg & 47kg
Warranty 5 Years
Product Type Low Pressure LPG Automatic Changover Kits



Clesse TR800 Four Pack ACO Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO - Irish F-Valve Features

  • Consumer Safety Reset (CSR): Enables easy reset of gas installations after OPSO activation due to minor incidents, ensuring safety without compromising convenience.
  • Tamper-Proof Design: Prevents unauthorized adjustments, indicating the need for a professional inspection and resealing when necessary.
  • Telemetry Ready: Compatible with the CompacTi device for remote electronic cylinder monitoring, available as an optional extra purchase.
  • Enhanced Change-Over Performance: Improved efficiency with the CompacTi device, utilizing Clesse Integrated Intelligence for optimized gas usage notifications.
  • OPSO "Push to Set" System: Features a consumer-friendly safety system with clear indication for added peace of mind.
  • "Le Clic" Changeover Head: Includes a reserve indicator for easy monitoring of gas levels.
  • High Capacity: Offers a 5kg/h 70kW – 37mb capacity in a newly designed, efficient setup.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with non-return valves and filters on inlet ports to prevent leaks and a limited flow safety relief valve (LRV) for added protection.
  • Weatherproof Casing: Protected by a tough plastic ABS casing, ensuring durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions.
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulation: Allows for engineer adjustments to meet specific gas installation requirements.
  • High-Quality Construction: Manufactured by Clesse, a leader in gas control technology, ensuring durability, reliability, and optimal performance.

Clesse TR800 Four Pack ACO Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO - Irish F-Valve Reviews