Clesse CompacTi LPG Cylinder Monitoring Device

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The Clesse CompacTi electronic device slots into the back of the CompacTR800 OPSO Changeover and connects to the CompacTi mobile app via Bluetooth* to display when cylinders have run out of gas. Ideal for static holiday home owners, fleet managers, and cylinder suppliers to control their gas supply on their mobile device within range.*

Fully featured Ti smart App - Connecting your Clesse product to mobile or tablet devices couldn’t be simpler when using the CompacTI App. Featuring an extensive application suite that allows possibilities to manage cylinders more effectively and conveniently.

Individual Users

Check the status of your CompacTi from the comfort of home & receive notifications when your cylinder needs exchanging, and order gas directly to your supplier from the app.

Save Money on Gas

On average you could be sending back up to 7% of usable LPG to the suppliers, particularly during colder months and high gas usage – Clesse CompacTi CII features embedded technology as standard in every device. Whether you decide to do a full installation or not from day one you know that you're starting to use the cylinder more efficiently.

Park Site Operators

Eliminate physical cylinder checks & optimises gas cylinder content usage, reducing part full cylinders returned to supplier, and maximise labour usage in other areas of the business.

Cylinder Suppliers

Receive advance notifications from your customers via the app when cylinders require exchanging using the “Order Gas” facility. Reduce those unplanned journeys to distressed customers.

Network Device Available

If you would like to read your device status on the CompacTi app away from the property and out of BLE range, please contact us for details of the Mobile Networking model.

*BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allows communication between device and mobile application up to 100m line of sight.


Clesse CompacTi LPG Cylinder Monitoring Device Specification

  • Electronic device backplate
  • Long lifespan Lithium metal battery pack
  • Activation magnet
  • Weather seal for ComapcTR regulator
  • Compliance document
  • Comprehensive Instruction and installation manual
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) allows communication between device and mobile application up to 100m line of sight
  • Mobile Networking model available

Clesse CompacTi LPG Cylinder Monitoring Device Features


  • Fully integrated design when fitted.
  • Compatible with all Clesse CompacTR automatic changeover regulators
  • Clesse Integrated Intelligence built into every device to read and optimise gas cylinder content usage
  • Free to use CompacTi mobile application – Downloadable from Android and Apple stores
  • Viewable ACO status via mobile app. See if gas cylinders need replacing
  • Notifications on email from CompacTi to log in and check your cylinder status
  • Order gas facility via app available
  • Fully ATEX approved
  • IECE electronics certification
  • Long lifespan Lithium metal battery pack


Single platform for all user groups when monitoring locally in private properties and holiday homes, or multi device harvesting for park operators:

  • Install & Go – No need for registration for single users to simply See ACO status.
  • Or register on the app to unlock all the free features to gain the benefits
  • Set up devices and personalise with the property name, address and installation characteristics.
  • Eliminate manual checks or physically shaking cylinders to find out if they need replacing. Incredible time saving feature for fleet hire operators
  • Stop emergency run outs with both cylinders empty.
  • Use “View” function to see devices installed on the app account
  • Single users can Order Gas to nominated suppliers, great for park sites and cylinder suppliers to receive orders via email from the app.
  • Optimise cylinder usage with intelligent built in algorithms, delaying notifications until cylinders have exhausted all useable LPG contents
  • Install more than one CompacTi device on a single account, eg; Fleet monitoring
  • “Site Scan”. Go and find cylinders to exchange, walk or drive by, at a safe distance.
  • Filter the results of collected readings on the App & sort by exchanges required
  • Improve efficiency, schedule replacements, reduce adhoc deliveries and save time
  • Minimise customer contact with Park site staff, or end users in private properties
  • Multiple app users collecting maultiple devices on holiday parks allowed for downloading data later.  Contact to get your free account upgrade for multi use sites.  



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