Clesse TR800 ACO Propane Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO & Telemetry - Irish

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Introducing the Clesse TR800 OPSO 2 Cylinder Automatic Changeover Regulator Kit, a groundbreaking solution in LPG cylinder management, now TELEMETRY READY to seamlessly integrate with the CompacTi electronic device for advanced remote monitoring. Say goodbye to manual checks and welcome real-time cylinder status updates directly to your mobile device, ensuring you're always informed and in control.

Embrace the Future of LPG Management:

  • Advanced Safety: With the "Push to Set" overpressure safety system, the TR800 OPSO offers unrivaled safety, eliminating the need for manual resets while clearly indicating system status.
  • Versatile Use: Whether it's for gas fires, cookers, hobs, or ovens, and regardless of the setup – two, four, or more cylinders – this kit delivers consistent pressure and safety.
  • Propane Gas Compatibility: Specially designed for propane gas, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • CompacTi Connectivity: Easily connect the CompacTi device to the Clesse mobile app via Bluetooth, offering remote monitoring of gas levels, perfect for holiday homeowners, fleet managers, and suppliers.

Unlock Smart Gas Management with the CompacTi App:

  • Immediate Status Updates: Stay updated from the comfort of your home with notifications on when to exchange cylinders, directly through the app.
  • Direct Gas Ordering: Reorder gas effortlessly, sending requests straight to your supplier via the app, streamlining the process.
  • Efficiency Savings: Utilize every bit of your LPG, potentially saving up to 7% of usable gas that could be returned to suppliers during high usage periods, thanks to the CompacTi's embedded efficiency technology.
  • Operational Optimisation: For park site operators and cylinder suppliers, eliminate manual cylinder checks, receive timely customer notifications, and reduce unnecessary deliveries, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Clesse TR800 OPSO 2 Cylinder Automatic Changeover Regulator Kit with CompacTi technology represents a leap forward in LPG cylinder management, offering safety, convenience, and efficiency. It's not just a regulator kit; it's a complete system designed to keep you connected, informed, and efficient, transforming how you manage your gas supply.

The kit includes a automatic changeover regulator, CompactTi Bluetooth Module, and two 20-inch pigtails crafted from high-pressure hose compliant with BS 3212 Type 2 or BS EN 16436-1 Class 3 standards. These components are meticulously assembled according to BS 3212 specifications. Each pigtail features Irish F-Valve (Butane Nut) connectors equipped with excess flow and non-return valves for enhanced safety. Additionally, the kit comes with a mounting bracket and a shut-off valve.



Clesse TR800 ACO Propane Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO & Telemetry - Irish Specification

Brand Clesse
Approvals CE 0085-21 & EN 16129 Approved
Connection Screw-On x Bsp Female
Operating Pressure 37mbar
Capacity/Flow Rate 5 kg/h
Outlet Connection 1/2" Bsp Female
Inlet Connection POL
Stage Two Stage Low Pressure Propane
Suitable Applications Gas Cookers,Hobs & Ovens, Gas Fires & Static Caravans
Compatible Cylinders Irish Calor Gas & Flo-Gas 10.89kg, 19kg, 34kg & 47kg
Warranty 5 Years
Product Type Low Pressure LPG Automatic Changover Kits



Clesse TR800 ACO Propane Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO & Telemetry - Irish Features

Revolutionise your gas management with the advanced Consumer Safety Reset (CSR) feature, designed to offer homeowners a quick "reset and go" option following an OPSO shutdown due to minor incidents like accidental impacts or overwintering. This not only minimises inconvenience but also maintains robust protection against potential high-pressure dangers. The newly engineered design is tamper-proof, indicating the need for a professional inspection and resealing when persistent issues arise.

The package now includes the innovative CompacTi remote electronic cylinder monitoring device, taking gas management to the next level with features like:

  • Enhanced Change-Over Performance: Further improved by the CompacTi device, utilising Clesse Integrated Intelligence to ensure notifications are only sent when one side of the gas supply is fully utilised.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The OPSO "Push to Set" system and "le Clic" changeover head with reserve indicator offer peace of mind and easy monitoring.
  • Robust Design: A new 5kg/h 70kW – 37mb regulator equipped with non-return valves, filters on inlet ports, a limited flow safety relief valve, and protected breather vents under a weatherproof casing.
  • Adjustable Regulation: Engineer-adjustable pressure regulation for tailored gas supply management.

CompacTi Features & Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Integration: Compatible with all Clesse CompacTR automatic changeover regulators, featuring built-in Clesse Integrated Intelligence for optimal gas usage.
  • User-Friendly App: A free mobile application available for Android and Apple users, offering real-time ACO status, notifications for cylinder replacement, and the ability to order gas directly.
  • Efficiency & Convenience: Eliminate manual checks and emergency run-outs, optimise cylinder usage, and easily manage multiple devices within a single platform, ideal for private properties, holiday homes, and fleet operators.
  • Safety & Certification: Fully ATEX approved with IECE electronics certification, powered by a long-lasting Lithium metal battery pack.

Clesse TR800 ACO Propane Gas Regulator Kit with OPSO & Telemetry - Irish Reviews