Anton Carbon Monoxide Tripod Kit

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Anton's ACMT Carbon Monoxide Tripod Kit has been developed to meet the requirements laid out in BS7967 for responding to reports of fumes and carbon monoxide alarm activation. The requirements are to carry out atmosphere testing as laid out in CMDDA1.

Most modern Analysers these days have CO room safety tests built into the software; this enables the Registered Engineers to respond to reports of fumes or carbon monoxide alarm activation. These tests require the engineers to take a sample 2m high in a central location of the room, or at least 1m away from the appliance; most of these tests are a minimum of 15 minutes. Obviously this takes it toll on the engineers arm and the use of ladders or steps doesn't exactly install professionalism to the customer. With this in mind Anton have developed a low cost CO Tripod kit, which will hold the sample probe in the correct position and height to carry out the CO room safety tests; also included is an Analyser bracket which you can magnetically attach the analyser to, holding it at a convenient height to both operate the instrument and view the on-screen data.


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