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710 Minisit Thermostatic Gas Control Valve

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710 Minisit Thermoelectric control with variable temperature selection, safety latch protection against incorrect ignition operation, pressure regulator (alternatively, flow adjuster), complete modulation down to off thermostat, throttling device for bypass flow.

The valve is rated at 100 to 340 degrees, Inlet 3/8" BSP, Outlet 3/8" BSP, Thermocouple connection M9x1, Capillary length 1050mm, Bulb (sensor) is 6mm dia x 110mm long.

This unit is supplied with the plastic body and control knob.


Product Details


710 Minisit Thermostatic Gas Control Valve Specification

  • Suitable for LPG or Natural Gas.
  • Max inlet pressure 50mbar.
  • Thermostat working range 100 - 340C.
  • Probe length: 110mm
  • Probe diameter: 6mm
  • Capillary length: 1050mm
  • Thermocouple connection: M9x1
  • Gas outlet: 3/8"
  • Gas input: 3/8"

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