Sievert 253547 Powerjet Gas Blow Torch (US Style Cartridge)

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Choosing Parts for a Sievert Blow Torch System

Sievert 253547 Powerjet Gas Blow Torch fits disposable steel cartridges eg. Rothenberger, Bullfinch, Bernzomatic and Mapp gas etc. Automatic piezo ignition, one press on the trigger lights the flame - release the trigger and the flame goes out. Using the bayonet fitting, the burner can be easily changed without tools, Safe and convenient. An intergrated regulator gives a stable flame and minimizes the risk of blow torch flaring up if it is held upside down. Besides its excellent operation, the Sievert Powerjet has received several awards in Sweden, Germany and the UK for its design.

This model fits neatly onto either a American style propane or Mapp gas cartridges (Rothenberger, Bullfinch etc). Supplied with a 8706 cyclone burner. Additional burners also available.

**Please note gas cartridge is NOT included**


Sievert 253547 Powerjet Gas Blow Torch (US Style Cartridge) Specification

Burner diameter Ø mm 16mm
Gas Consumption, g/h at 2 bar 230
Effect, kW 2.9
Ignition Type Piezo
Fail Safe Control Type Dead man's handle (release the lever and the flame goes out)
Valve Type Needle Valve
Connection Type Screw-in 1" American style gas cartridge (Rothenberger, Bullfinch etc)
Weight 290gm
Dimensions L 180mm x H 80mm



Sievert 253547 Powerjet Gas Blow Torch (US Style Cartridge) Features

  • Provides a flame temperature of 2100ºC (in combination with Mapp gas)
  • Lightweight composite handle
  • Reliable Automatic Piezo ignition (up to 30000 ignitions)
  • Trigger on/off function helps prevent LPG wastage
  • Anti-flare enables the torch to operate in all positions (360º)
  • Only operates if the burner has been correctly fitted
  • Full range of 5 easily interchangeable burners
  • Supplied with 8707 Cyclone burner
  • Effect: 2.2 kW
  • Soldering max diameter: 40mm
  • Brazing max diameter: 18mm

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