Elster Jeavons J48 2" Industrial Gas Regulator - 12.5-25 mbar

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The J48, is a highly adaptable and reliable series of Industrial Low Pressure Regulators, designed to meet the diverse needs of pressure reduction applications. The latest iteration of this trusted regulator series features an innovative quick release spring adjustment mechanism, enhancing accessibility for effortless spring tuning and routine upkeep.

Versatile Applications for Every Need:

The J48 serves as an efficient service and appliance regulator, making it perfect for a variety of settings, from residential and commercial environments to industrial operations. Engineered to work seamlessly with natural, LPG, and manufactured gases, the J48 is a versatile solution for your gas regulation needs.

Flexible Installation Options:

Designed for installation in both horizontal and vertical pipelines, the J48 offers angled connections for specific meter services applications, ensuring a perfect fit for your system. Renowned for its positive lock-up feature, the J48 promises high efficiency and sensitivity, enabling maximum flow with minimal pressure loss.

Precision Control Made Simple:

Choose from a wide selection of springs to achieve the precise outlet pressure control you need. The spring adjustment unit, located conveniently under the top cap, allows for easy and accurate modifications without the hassle of friction or spring wind-up. The entire spring adjustment mechanism is also detachably designed for straightforward maintenance and spring replacement. Additionally, units can be pre-set at the factory and secured with a seal for an extra layer of security.

All sizes may be fixed in any position. Inlet pressures up to 350mbar. Outlet pressures up to 100mbar. Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG


Elster Jeavons J48 2" Industrial Gas Regulator - 12.5-25 mbar Specification

Brand Honeywell Elster
Model J48
Approvals BS EN 88-1:2007. GAD 2009/142/EC
Connection 2" BSP Female
Inlet Pressure Max: 350 mbar
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +70ºC
Outlet Pressure 12.5 - 25 mbar (9-100 mbar with the purchase of optional springs)
Pattern Straight
Size 2"
Suitable Applications Service and appliance regulator for a wide range of domestic, commercial & industrial applications
Dimensions  W 200mm x D 219mm x W (∅) 234mm 



Elster Jeavons J48 2" Industrial Gas Regulator - 12.5-25 mbar Features

  • Highly Versatile: The J48 Industrial Low Pressure Regulator is designed for a broad spectrum of pressure reduction tasks, making it suitable for various domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Innovative Design: Features a new quick-release spring adjustment mechanism for effortless spring adjustments and routine maintenance.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Can be installed in both horizontal and vertical pipelines, with certain sizes offering angled connections for meter services applications, enhancing installation versatility.
  • Optimised Performance: Designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure loss, ensuring high efficiency and sensitivity in operation.
  • Adjustable Control: A wide selection of springs is available for precise outlet pressure adjustments, featuring a frictionless adjustment design that prevents "spring wind up."
  • Maintenance-Friendly: The entire spring adjustment mechanism is easily removable for straightforward maintenance and spring changes.
  • Security Features: Units can be supplied factory-set with a security seal at an additional cost for added safety and compliance.

Elster Jeavons J48 2" Industrial Gas Regulator - 12.5-25 mbar Reviews