LA-CO Soldering Flux 125gm with brush

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As the leading brand of plumbers flux, LA-CO Flux has been proven in use by professional plumbers for over 35 years. It is non-acid (pH7) and non toxic so requires no health hazard labelling. It is fully accepted for Gas services and central heating systems and fully approved under the WRC United Kingdom Water Advisory Scheme for potable water.

LA-CO Soldering Flux 125gm with brush Features

  • Water-soluble paste won’t leave residue in water piping
  • Meets industry standards and contains no zinc chloride to reduce corrosion concerns.
  • Non-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to eliminate safety concerns
  • Cleans pipe upon application, allowing solder to run more smoothly around the pipe
  • All-weather formula for use in hot and cold climates

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