G6P Gas Meter with Pulse Plug and Lead

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The Metrix G6 Diaphragm Gas Meter is a compact G6 meter designed for measurement of gas supplied to domestic and commercial premises, where the maximum consumption of gas is equivalent to 10m3/h of air of density of 1,2 kg/m3. A pulse plug with a lead is supplied. The meter is fitted with a testpoint. The gas meters can be used for measurement of: Natural gas & LPG


G6P Gas Meter with Pulse Plug and Lead Specification

Capacity 10 m³/h
Connection 1" BS 746

A = 130mm

B = 231mm

C = 78mm

D = 187mm

E = 276mm

Display Mechanical
Material Steel
Max Capacity 10 m³/h @ 0.5 mb Pressure Loss
Max Operating Pressure 500mbar
Meter Connection size 1" BS 746
Meter Type Diaphragm
Gas Type Natural Gas or LPG
Test Point Yes


G6P Gas Meter with Pulse Plug and Lead Features

  • Manufactured by BS EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • MID approval G4-UG -4P to G16P and G1.6-UGPBS to G16PBS
  • G1.6 to G6 Fireproof up to 650°C @ 100mbar according to EN1359
  • Diaphragm gas meters, for natural gas, propane and butane, max pressure 500 mbar
  • Meters read in cubic metres

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