Clesse APZ120R 1-3 Bar Propane High Pressure Regulator with Gauge

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The Clesse APZ120R High Pressure Propane Gas Regulator with Pressure Gauge, designed for precision and reliability. With an adjustable pressure range of 0.5 to 3 Bar, this regulator caters to a wide variety of applications, ensuring optimal performance for your propane needs. Whether for residential use or commercial setups, the Clesse APZ120R guarantees consistent gas flow, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your equipment.

It is mainly used in small domestic or commercial installations to supply special equipment such as bespoke cookers, blow torches, roofing equipment, warm air generators and special technical burners which require a fixed or variable high pressure input to control the flow of gas up to a capacity of 18kg/h (250kW).

Engineered with durability in mind, this high-quality regulator promises longevity and robust performance under various conditions. Installation is a breeze, making it a go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Ideal for outdoor heating, BBQs, catering equipment, and more, the Clesse APZ120R adapts to your needs, providing a seamless and secure propane gas solution.


Clesse APZ120R 1-3 Bar Propane High Pressure Regulator with Gauge Specification

Brand Clesse
Approvals EN 13785
Connection Screw-On x Bsp Female
Operating Pressure 0.5 to 3 bar
Capacity/Flow Rate 12-18 kg/h
Outlet Connection 1/4" Bsp Female
Inlet Connection 1/4" Bsp Female
Stage Single Stage High Pressure Propane
Inlet Pressure 4.5 - 16 bar
Suitable Applications Industrial Heating, Blow Torches & High Pressure Burners.
Compatible Cylinders Calor Gas 3.9kg, 6kg, 11kg, 13kg, 19kg & 47kg, Flo-Gas 3.9kg, 6kg, 11kg, 19kg & 47kg
Warranty 5 Years
Product Type High Pressure Propane Gas Regulator



Clesse APZ120R 1-3 Bar Propane High Pressure Regulator with Gauge Features

  • Pressure Range: Adjustable from 0.5 to 3 Bar for precise control
  • Application: Ideal for high-pressure propane gas systems
  • Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of propane applications, from residential to commercial
  • Design: Robust and reliable design ensures durability and longevity
  • Installation: Easy to install, making it perfect for both professionals and DIY users
  • Safety: Built to the highest safety standards to ensure a secure operation
  • Efficiency: Optimizes propane gas flow, improving the performance of your appliances
  • Versatility: Great for outdoor heaters, BBQs, catering equipment, and more
  • Certification: Meets or exceeds relevant industry standards for gas regulators
  • Trusted Brand: Manufactured by Clesse, a leader in gas control technology, offering peace of mind a 5 year warranty.

Clesse APZ120R 1-3 Bar Propane High Pressure Regulator with Gauge Reviews