8mm Quick Release LPG Gas Hose Coupling - Propane & Butane Gas

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Upgrade the efficiency and safety of your LPG setups with our 8mm Quick Release Gas Hose Coupling featuring a 10mm OD x 10mm OD brass Fulham nozzle connection. This coupling is specially designed for use with 8mm/5/16" bore hoses, making it an ideal choice for various gas appliances, including barbecues and patio heaters.

The coupling integrates a quick-release mechanism which is activated by sliding back the knurled collar, allowing for easy and secure hose connections. This feature not only facilitates a straightforward setup but also ensures a leak-free performance, enhancing safety across all your LPG applications.

The body of the coupling is valved internally, ensuring a controlled gas flow directed towards the loose nozzle, optimising the efficiency and safety of your gas flow. Made from durable, corrosion-resistant brass, this coupling is built to last and withstand outdoor elements and regular usage.

  • Secure Quick Release Mechanism: Enables easy connection and disconnection of gas hoses with a simple slide of the knurled collar.
  • Durable Brass Construction: Offers enhanced longevity and resistance to corrosion, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Designed for LPG: Specifically engineered for use with LPG systems, ensuring compatibility and safety.
  • Valved Flow Direction: Features an internal valved body that directs the flow towards the loose nozzle for efficient gas management.
  • 10mm OD Brass Fulham Nozzle: Provides a reliable connection for 8mm/5/16" bore hoses, suitable for various LPG appliances.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for connecting hoses in barbecue and patio heater assemblies, enhancing the functionality of your outdoor equipment.

8mm Quick Release LPG Gas Hose Coupling - Propane & Butane Gas Specification

Manufacturer Hamilton Gas Products
Product Type LPG Gas Hose Coupling
Compatibility For 8mm/5/16" bore LPG gas hose
Material Brass
Connection Type Quick Release with Knurled Collar
Nozzle Dimensions 10mm O.D. x 10mm O.D.
Suitable For LPG Only
Flow Direction Internally valved towards loose nozzle
Suitable Applications Ideal for barbecues, patio heaters, and other LPG systems
Safety Features Leak prevention, secure lock mechanism
Design Corrosion-resistant, durable for outdoor and indoor use
Additional Features Easy installation and disconnection for efficient use

8mm Quick Release LPG Gas Hose Coupling - Propane & Butane Gas Features

  • Efficient Quick Release Mechanism: Features a simple slide-back knurled collar for fast and secure hose connections and disconnections, enhancing usability and safety.
  • High-Quality Brass Construction: Made with corrosion-resistant brass to ensure durability and longevity, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Precision Engineered for LPG: Specifically designed for LPG systems, ensuring optimal compatibility and safety for your gas appliances.
  • Internal Valve Design: The coupling’s internal valve directs the flow towards the loose nozzle, providing efficient and controlled gas management.
  • Versatile 10mm Fulham Nozzle Connection: Accommodates 8mm/5/16" bore hoses, making it perfect for a wide range of LPG applications, including barbecues and patio heaters.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Built to high safety standards to prevent leaks and ensure a secure connection, giving you peace of mind while operating gas-powered equipment.

8mm Quick Release LPG Gas Hose Coupling - Propane & Butane Gas Reviews