18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor

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The 18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor is a reliable and efficient ignition device designed for stoves, gas grills, and a variety of other gas appliances. Utilising the principle of piezo-electricity, this ignitor ensures a quick and consistent ignition every time. Supplied with a backnut.

    • Piezo-Electricity Principle: Generates an electric charge in response to high pressure.
    • Spring-Loaded Hammer: A small, spring-loaded hammer inside the ignitor strikes a piezoelectric crystal when the button is pressed.
    • High Voltage Discharge: The impact produces a high voltage electrical discharge.
    • Gas Ignition: This discharge ignites the gas, providing an efficient start to your cooking or heating.
    • 18mm Size: Perfect for a wide range of gas appliances.
    • 2.8mm Flat Spade Connection: Easy to install and compatible with many devices.
    • Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.
    • Simple Operation: Push-button mechanism for ease of use.
    • Supplied with Backnut: Ensures secure installation.

Ideal for use with:

    • Gas BBQs: Ensure reliable ignition for your outdoor grilling.
    • Cookers: Effortlessly light your gas stove.
    • Gas Fires: Quick and reliable ignition for gas fireplaces.
    • Various Gas Appliances: Suitable for a wide range of other gas-operated devices.

18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor Specification

Manufacturer Hamilton Gas Products Ltd
Product Type 18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor
Ignition Type Piezo-Electric
Size 18mm
Connection Type 2.8mm Spade
Material Plastic
Earth Strip Yes
Operation Push Button
Suitable for Home Kitchens, Outdoor Grills, Camping Equipment
Dimensions 26mm x 80mm - 18mm Mounting ∅
Warranty 12 Months

18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor Features

  • High-Quality 18mm Push Button Piezo Ignitor: Ensures reliable ignition for stoves, gas grills, and various gas appliances.
  • Utilises Piezo-Electricity Principle: Generates an electric charge through high pressure for consistent performance.
  • Durable Spring-Loaded Hammer: Creates a high voltage electrical discharge to ignite gas efficiently.
  • Easy Installation: Features a 2.8mm flat spade connection and comes supplied with a backnut for secure setup.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for gas BBQs, cookers, gas fires, and many other gas-operated devices.
  • Robust and Reliable Construction: Designed to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Simple Push-Button Operation: User-friendly mechanism for quick and effortless ignition.
  • Enhanced Cooking Experience: Perfect for home kitchens, outdoor grills, and camping equipment, offering hassle-free ignition every time.
  • Consistent High Voltage Output: Provides reliable ignition even in outdoor and challenging environments.
  • Essential for Gas Appliance Owners: Upgrade your gas appliances with this efficient and dependable ignitor.

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