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Terrier i-temp i30 Programmable Radiator Control

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The terrier i-temp is a Programmable Radiator Control (PRC). It is an upgrade for existing thermostatic radiator valves and gives you time and temperature control of each radiator. Heating the whole house when you don't need to could cost you hundreds of pounds on wasted fuel every year - money that you could save with the terrier i-temp. The terrier i-temp is a simple upgrade to your heating system - you don't need to change your master programmer which will continue to control the overall heating times for the whole house. terrier i-temp brings an extra element of control, allowing you to fine-tune your heating room-by-room.

Suitable for use with the following valves:- Pegler Yorkshire Terrier, Pegler Yorkshire Mistral, Pegler Yorkshire Belmont 4, B&Q Regis, Drayton RT212, Drayton TRV 4, Honeywell VT117E, Honeywell VT200E, Myson TRV2 Way, Myson Petite, Screwfix TRV, Wolseley Bulldog.

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Product Details


Terrier i-temp i30 Programmable Radiator Control Features

  • Program each radiator individually to match the needs of the room
  • Up to 6 temperature settings per 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Built-in lifestyle program options for living rooms and bedrooms
  • Easy to set up - plug and play!
  • Upgrade thermostatic radiator valve bodies in minutes
  • Compatible with most thermostatic radiator valves
  • Turns the radiator thermostats up or down automatically.

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