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Tasman 4500 Marine Gas Hob

Tasman 4500 Marine Gas Hob are built to the latest EC standards for gas appliances and ISO 9002 quality procedures. All models carry the CE mark.


Product Details


Tasman 4500 Marine Gas Hob Specification

Output per burner 1 x 3kW & 1 x 2kW
Grill heat input 1.72kW
Weight 5.8kg
Dimensions W 450mm x D 370mm x H 167mm
Base to top of sea rail 245mm
Base to top of spillage tray 168mm
Base to top of pan support 190mm
Base to gimbal point 250mm
Gimbal width 485mm
Gimbal arc 305mm
Gimbal point to back stop 210mm


Tasman 4500 Marine Gas Hob Features

  • Flame failure safety device on all burners (hob and grill)
  • Pan supports are mounted securely, so that they are not affected by vibrations
  • Stainless steel facia and side panels
  • Stainless steel hob spillage tray
  • Overall stainless steel construction.
  • 2-burner hob

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