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Rinnai HDC1500i Condensing Internal LPG Gas Water Heater

The condensing process delivers up to 105% net thermal efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when compared to their conventional counterparts. Energy efficient -105% net efficiency*

Renewables ready when you are - Suitable for use as a temperature booster for solar thermal and heat-pump.

*In accordance with BS EN 677


Product Details


Rinnai HDC1500i Condensing Internal LPG Gas Water Heater Specification

Oversized item (delivered on a pallet)
Installation Internal
Fuel Natural Gas or LPG*
Control Modulating
Gas consumption - Nat Gas 59.5 kW max
Gas consumption - LPG 58.8 kW max
Exhaust type Internal - forced room sealed - Concentric
Ignition Electronic
Burner Stainless steel
Low NOx Less than 50ppm for all heaters
Weight 31kg
Water flow rate 1.5** to 37L/min
Minimum operating pressure 1.0 Bar
Noise level 50 db(A)
Connections (Gas - Water inlet - Water outlet) 3/4 bsp
Connections (Condense outlet) 1/2 bsp
Electrical Supply 230 AC 50Hz 1ph

Rinnai HDC1500i Condensing Internal LPG Gas Water Heater Features

  • Energy efficient -105% net efficiency*
  • Saves space, water and energy
  • Limitless application
  • Compact design with internal and weather-proof external models
  • Temperature accurate hot water delivery
  • The Rinnai Infinity does not run out of hot water
  • Space saving, compact design means no floor space taken up
  • Digital controllers (not included) allow you to control water temperature
  • Endless hot water delivered more efficiently and with greater control. This new technology replaces the need for bulky, inefficient, old-fashioned storage tanks
  • Highly efficient, saving you up to 30% on your hot water gas bill

Status Monitoring For Easier Diagnostics

The status monitor has three conditions:

  1. The water heater is off (no water flowing):The LED is blank
  2. The water heater is on (heating water ):The LED displays the set temperature
  3. The water heater should be on, but is not (water flowing, heater is not on):The LED will flash a diagnostic 

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