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R6 Duoflam Gas Cooker Burner LPG

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Duoflam gas burners are supplied as standard complete with no.74 jets for LPG. To obtain heat output of burner multiply number of jets by the Btu rating of the jet. The Btu ratings below refer to Btu/hour. Uses include deep pan frying, hot plate cooking ranges and chinese cooker applications. May also be used for washing and degreasing operations and for lead melting pots.

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R6 Duoflam Gas Cooker Burner LPG Specification

Supplied fitted with:-

  • 10 jets. LPG 50,00 Btus. 
  • 53/4” diameter, 
  • 1/4” BSP female side inlets (plugged) 
  • 1/2” BSP female bottom entry.

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