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Predator Midgeater Dynamic Midge and Mosquito Trap

Recommended Cylinders:



19 kg




19 kg

The Predator Dynamic is probably the most powerful mosquito and midge trap currently available in the UK. It has been developed to attract female mosquitoes and midges from an effective area of 1.2 Acres (5000 square metres). Ideal for wedding functions, garden parties, outdoor dining, wherever you need protection from midges, the Predator Midgeater is always on guard.

The Predator Midgeater attracts midges from up to 5000m2. It does this by releasing CO2 and moisture (breath), heat (body temperature) and rapid action attractants (perspiration) together with LED light to create movement - all the things that midges love about people. The Predator Midgeater then uses a dual system to glue trap or vacuum midges into a catch container and keeps them there. It means you stay pest free.


Product Details


Predator Midgeater Dynamic Midge and Mosquito Trap Specification

Gas power Propane
Electric power Cordless
Carbon dioxide (cc/hr) 35,000
Range Acres / m² > 1.2 / 5000
Collector capacity (gallon) 1 (1-2 weeks)
Sticky Paper capacity (insects) 10,000
Water collector Yes
Multi lure platform Yes
Scent system Upstream Scent System
Flight Altitude Optimizer Mosquito / Midge / Tiger
Attractant light 360° degree UV-LED
Heat surface sq inch / cm² > 122 / 1440
Rapid Action compatible Yes

Predator Midgeater Dynamic Midge and Mosquito Trap Features

  • Immediate results within 1–7 days. Allow 2–4 weeks to greatly reduce mosquito population.
  • Discretely flashing UV lights attract more insects in full 360° view.
  • Controls the flow of CO2 and lure scents towards the vacuum inlet to optimise the catch result.
  • Blood sucking insects are attracted to body heat making your skin an ideal landing zone. Predator features an optimised heat surface, imitating human skin temperature. Thus making Predator a principal target for mosquitoes.
  • Water will drown the mosquitoes and compact the catch so that the collector will hold more insects without clogging the airflow. Water will also add more moist to the trap and is something that always attract mosquitoes
  • High contrast adhesive paper. UV- and water-resistant reinforces the image of Predator as prey for any blood-sucking insect.
  • Oversized catchcontainer for minimum maintenance.
  • Flight Altitude Optimiser (Patent pending): By easily adjusting the trap’s altitude you enhance catch rates and accelerate the mosquito extermination, letting you enjoy an up to 5000m2 mosquito- and midge-free zone.
  • Cordless. Easy to position without having to trip over wires.
  • Reliable. Built using only proven, reliable components of the highest quality.
  • Quick to start. With a simple push of a button.
  • Safe. Built-in tilt protection. CE certified.
  • Easy to assemble. No tools required.
  • Supplied with hose & regulator
  • Supplied with 1 octenol bait tablet.
  • Lure - Octenol (blue tablets): most common species Culex
  • Operation 24 hour/day, continuous use required to maintain results
  • (cm) 40 x 70 x 70-110cm high

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