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MAD Mini Spinner Black Chimney Cowl

The MAD Mini Spinner cowl is a British made revolving chimney cowl designed to eradicate downdraught, whilst the rotating action assists ventilation. Being made in a UK factory allows full control over the manufacture of this very technical cowl, whilst ensuring only prime materials are used in the production process. The painted finish prevents reflections being transferred to neighbouring buildings, whilst the product is rotating. The base of the spinner cowl is made from die cast aluminium with a strong cross section to give support and strength to the rotating spinner. The fins are made from stainless steel and are spot woven into place and then spot welded giving extra strength during rotation. All MAD Spinner cowls are supplied complete with a strap fixing kit, the most secure fixing available, and highly recommended for revolving chimney cowls.

Suitable for use with seasoned wood, coal and gas. The MAD Mini Spinner Chimney Cowl is available in Stainless Steel and Black.

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Product Details


MAD Mini Spinner Black Chimney Cowl Specification

Brand Mad Cowls
Standard (Tested to) BSEN 1856-1:2009
Easy Assembly Easy Assembly
Fixing Type Strap
Dimensions  H 320mm x D 240mm
Flue Size Up to 180mm outside diameter
Temperature range Up to 200ºC
Max Wind speed Up to 65mph
Fuel types Seasoned wood, normal coal & gas
Guarantee 12 months
Finish Black



MAD Mini Spinner Black Chimney Cowl Features

  • Stainless steel construction with die cast aluminium base
  • Fits a range of flue sizes from 80mm* to 180mm (Optional adaptors required)
  • Withstands flue temperatures up to 200°C
  • Backed by the MAD cowl 1 year money back guarantee
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to fit
  • Sold complete with a stainless steel strap fixing kit
  • Highly effective at preventing downdraught and increasing ventilation
  • Suitable for use with seasoned wood, normal coal, gas and oil
  • Optional adaptor plates enable fixing to smaller diameter flues
  • Not suitable for use with peat or unseasoned wood.
  • For areas with consistently high wind speeds a MAD static anti down-draught cowl may be more appropriate.

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