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Elster Jeavons (J78RS) 1/2" Gas Regulator

A compact and accurate regulator designed for commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for horizontal or vertical pipelines. Inlet pressures up to 100mbar. Outlet pressure up to 48mbar. All J78RS Regulators are fitted with a 1/4" BSP threaded breather port that can be used to ventilate to atmosphere where this additional safety feature is required. Suitable for Natural Gas & LPG


Product Details


Elster Jeavons (J78RS) 1/2" Gas Regulator Specification

Type Jeavons J78RS
Max Inlet Pressure 100 mbar
Pressure Outlet Range 9-42 mbar** Supplied as standard with a 19-23mbar spring
Inlet 1/2" Bsp female
Outlet 1/2" Bsp female
** Optional springs will need to be purchased in addition.

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