Duomo G161 Gas Proving System 1 1/2 inch

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The G161 Safestam for kitchens and that checks all downstream pipework is secure before initiating the gas supply. British Standard BS6173:2009 Specification for installation and maintenance of gas-fired catering appliances for use in all types of catering establishments (2nd and 3rd family gases). "Where the open burners of a new appliance are not fitted with a flame supervision device the gas supply shall be fitted with a proving system to prove the closure of all valves prior to the establishment or restoration of the gas supply." In accordance with these requirements, the Duomo Safestart system securely isolates and by checking the integrity of the downstream pipe work safely re-establishes the gas supply to any area which relies on manual isolation of gas outlets (e.g. in hotels, fast food restaurants, schools, colleges and canteens).

Duomo G161 Gas Proving System 1 1/2 inch Features

  • BS6173 and IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 compliant weep proving system for kitchens and laboratories
  • 1 1/2in BSP (15mm) threaded connection
  • Simple to install & easy to operate
  • Air pressure switch or current monitor interlocks
  • Remote emergency stop facility
  • Remote status indication - volt free contacts
  • 230 Volt supply
  • Up to 200 mbar inlet pressure

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