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Calor Gas Level Indicator

Never run out of gas at your again with Calor's new Gas Level Indicator. It's always difficult to tell how much gas is left in your gas cylinder.... Picking it up and swishing it around doesn't really help. Pressure gauges give only minutes warning before the tank is empty. And, replacing the tank before it's needed wastes expensive gas. The Calor Gas Level Indicator detects low propane/butane levels using very small temperature changes over time on the tank wall. Pressure Gauges attempt the same thing using gas pressure. Unfortunately, pressure is not a useful indicator of liquid level in a propane tank. If there is any liquid remaining in the tank the pressure shown on the gauge will remain high. So when a pressure gauge begins to show the pressure dropping it means that the propane is gone, or just about gone. You get at best a few minutes before the tank is empty. Often not enough to finish cooking. Simply place the Calor Gas Level Indicator on the lower point of the cylinder. An alarm will sound when the volume of gas is below the spot where you've place the sensor.

Product Details


Calor Gas Level Indicator Features

  • Audible alarm (No need to check visually)
  • Clips magnetically to the cylinder
  • Automatic activation of the audible alarm and LED light
  • Suitable for use with butane and propane gas cylinders
  • Batteries included
  • (mm) H 66 x W 42 x D 30
  • 1 Year warranty

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