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Anton APM 150 Differential Manometer

Anton's highest spec manometer, the APM 150 includes all of the functionality of the APM 130/140 and adds additional functions exclusive to this model. Portable, handheld and highly accurate, the APM 150 can measure pressure from 0 to 1999mBar in 7 pressure measurement units (kPA, PSI, inHG, HG, inH20, mmH20, mBar and mH20). It is suitable for use with standard pressure measurements, or alternatively can be used for differential pressure testing, medium pressure measurements or strength testing (IGE/UP/1&1a). This manometer also comes with a selection of additional features such as a backlit LCD screen for use in poor lighting conditions, data hold function that freezes a value taken on the screen, MIN/MAX readings over a period of time, high pressure hose connections and a useful tilt stand on the back for hands-free use. This product is now replaced by Anton with Anton APM 155 Differential Manometer with Infrared & Wi-Fi

Product Details


Anton APM 150 Differential Manometer Features

  • Measurement range of 0 to 1999mBar
  • Selectable measurement units: kPA, PSI, inHG, HG, inH20, mmH20, mBar and mH20
  • 0.1 resolution up to 199.9mBar then over to 1.0
  • Backlit LCD screen for use in poor lighting conditions
  • Differential pressure measurements
  • Smoothing facility ensures stability when taking readings
  • Data hold function - temporarily stores the value taken on the screen for reference
  • Auto power off after 12 minutes to conserve battery life (can be disabled)
  • Records MIN/MAX readings taken over a time period
  • Simple push button zero instantly resets the meter readings
  • Protective rubber casing with integrated stand for hands-free use
  • Water resistant IP67 rated design
  • High pressure hose connections
  • Perform medium pressure measurements
  • Perform strength testing (IGE/Up/1&1a)

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