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Anton ADT 200 Differential Thermometer Kit 2C

The Anton ADT 200 Differential Temp Kit 2C provides you with everything you need to accurately measure temperatures. The kit has been designed to be an extremely useful tool for Gas and HVAC professionals, allowing you to conduct a number of different installations and checks with ease. It's ideally suited for flow and return/cold water inlet and hot water outlet temperatures, and is also a great way to check a descale or powerflush is required within an installation. The Anton probe kit includes a handheld measuring device with a simple push button interface and durable plastic casing.


Product Details


Anton ADT 200 Differential Thermometer Kit 2C Features

  • Anton ADT 200 differential digital thermometer - Range 0.1ªC -99.9ªC to 299.9ºC - Range 1ªC 300 to 1372ªC
  • Waterproof IP66/67 Protective boot and tilt stand
  • Protective hard carry case
  • AS10/Clamp pipe probes (up to 28mm)
  • Flexible wire air probe
  • AA15/HDH Liquid immersion probe
  • AS1/HDH Surface temperature prob

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